🀜Reward Mechanics (Presale)

Unlock a treasure chest of rewards with GOCO.

Whether you're purchasing $GOCO, referring friends, or engaging with our ecosystem, we offer real rewards like purchase and referral bonuses, token rewards, exclusive NFT tickets, Play-to-Earn features, staking multiplier tickets, and raffle tickets. Worth hundreds of thousands of dollars, these rewards are available in instant, hourly, daily, weekly, and monthly periods, ensuring that the GOCO token and the 'Golden Cobra' snake game reach our community of millions in no time. Join us now and reap the benefits of being part of the Golden Cobra family!

Presale Purchase Rewards: Unlock Exclusive Benefits

The Golden Cobra offers tiered Purchase Rewards to incentivize GOCO Pre-sale participation and reward our community. By contributing to the project, you gain access to a range of benefits based on your contribution level. These benefits include:

  • Staking Multipliers: Increase your APY rewards when staking $GOCO tokens.

  • Free NFTs: Gain exclusive Bronze, Silver, or Golden Cobra NFTs, each with unique artwork and potential in-game utility.

  • Raffle Tickets: Participate in daily, weekly, and monthly raffles for a chance to win exciting prizes in $GOCO tokens and other rewards.

  • Lucky Wheel Tickets: Spin the Lucky Wheel and win various prizes based on your ticket quantity.

  • Purchase Bonus: Receive a percentage discount on your future purchases within the Golden Cobra ecosystem.

  • Referral Bonus: Earn rewards for referring friends to the Golden Cobra project.

Here's a breakdown of the Purchase Reward Tiers:

Contribution Amount $100

Contribution Amount $1.000

Contribution Amount $10.000




+10% Staking Multiplier

+15% Staking Multiplier

+20% Staking APY

Free Bronze NFT (worth $50)

Free Silver NFT (worth $250)

Free Golden NFT (worth $500)

Free Raffle Tickets

Free Raffle Tickets

Free Raffle Tickets

Daily x2 Weekly x1

Daily x3 Weekly x2 Monthly x1

Daily x6 Weekly x4 Monthly x3

Lucky Wheel Tickets x5

Lucky Wheel Tickets x10

Lucky Wheel Tickets x30

5% Purchase Bonus 5% Refferal Bonus

5% Purchase Bonus 5% Refferal Bonus

5% Purchase Bonus 5% Refferal Bonus

The higher your contribution level, the greater the benefits you unlock! By becoming a Bronze, Silver, or Golden Cobra, you not only support the project but also gain access to valuable rewards and exclusive experiences within the Golden Cobra ecosystem.

Join us and slither towards a prosperous future!

Lucky Wheel & How to Participate:

Engage in the excitement of the Lucky Wheel game by clicking the "Connect Wallet" button on the goldencobra.io website. After successfully connecting your wallet, join the game and receive automatic detection of your eligible spin tickets. The Lucky Wheel offers enticing rewards every four hours, accessible to all users without any purchase requirements.

Lucky Wheel Rewards: Upon spinning the Lucky Wheel, rewards such as $GOCO token coupons will be visible in your dashboard. These rewards can be claimed and utilized to enhance your Golden Cobra experience.

Lucky Wheel RewardsDaily WinnersDaily Rewards Worth of $

10.000 $GOCO



50.000 $GOCO



100.000 $GOCO



250.000 $GOCO



1.000.000 $GOCO



5.000.000 $GOCO



10.000.000 $GOCO



Bronze NFT



Silver NFT



Golden NFT



Daily Raffle Ticket



Weekly Raffle Ticket



Monthly Raffle Ticket






Raffles & How to Participate:

Participate in daily, weekly, or monthly raffles to test your luck and win exciting rewards. Raffle tickets can be obtained through various means, including purchase rewards, Lucky Wheel rewards, or airdrop rewards. The type of raffle determines the nature of rewards, which may vary from Bronze to Golden packages.

Raffles Rewards: Raffle rewards are tailored to the type of raffle, offering enticing prizes ranging from skin packs to in-game Gold and exclusive NFTs.

P2E Game (Coming soon) & How to Participate:

Prepare for the immersive Play-to-Earn experience of the Golden Cobra Snake Game. Accessible to all players, this multiplayer arena requires entry via digital wallets like Metamask. Players compete for scores to climb the Leaderboard and earn rewards on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis.

P2E Game Rewards: Earn tokens based on your leaderboard ranking, visible in your GoldenCobra profile.

Golden Cobra NFTs:

Golden Cobra offers exclusive NFTs deployed on the Solana network and available on the Binance NFT Marketplace. These NFTs come in Bronze, Silver, and Golden packages, each offering unique benefits. Bronze includes a skin pack and 1000 Gold in the GoldenCobra Snake Game, while Silver offers a larger skin pack and 3000 Gold. The Golden Package boasts the most extensive skin pack and 10,000 gold.

How to Win and Claim NFTs: Investors can claim their NFTs through the official Golden Cobra NFT platforms, solsea.io, and goldencobra.io, upon NFT deployment. To claim, connect your wallet as a $GOCO investor on the nft.goldencobra.io website.

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